Controlling Bull

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controlling bull

We meet. We’ve arranged it. You bring your husband. We meet in the lobby, and all retire to the bedroom.

I give your collar to you. You look at it. You admire it. You undo the clasp, and consider the symbolism of the collar before you hand it back to me.

He’s sitting in the chair. He watches us from the corner of the room. Your husband is accustomed to you being in control of his behavior. He watches the transfer of this symbolic object from me to you. Then, back to me.

I move your hair to the side, and fasten the collar around your throat. It’s sized perfectly. Loose enough that it doesn’t choke you. But tight enough that you feel pressure alone its entire length. Pressure to remind you of where you are, of who you are.

Your body is mine. So I inspect it. The consummation of control transferred to me, I lay you on your side. I smell the conditioner in your hair. I touch the tenderness of your earlobe. I smell your armpit, then surprise you with a torturous bite of your flesh. The yelp of surprise and pain escapes your mouth.

You move, but my teeth don’t relax in their grip. After my teeth relent, I pinch your nipple. Hard at first. Then, much harder. You are naked on the bed, exposed for my pleasure.

My hands and nose explore your body. I chastise you for the softness at the top of your arm. I adore the corner of your mouth and the fullness of your lips.

After taking some time with your back, then your belly, I explore your sex. I feel the hair covering you pussy, then I smell your ass. I smack you the moment my nose gets close.

“Go to the bathroom and clean your asshole. NOW!” I am displeased at the smell.

When you return, I inspect your ass again. My tongue lightly explores the delicate and exotic folds. I whisper instructions to you for some time.

“Pet!” You command.

“Show your wife you love her. Come kiss me to show me how you love me.”

With that, your husband rises and comes to kiss your mouth. “Softer, to show you love me.” You say to him in a firm tone.

Then, you move to your hands and knees. You look at me as you speak to him.

“Pet! I want you to kiss my asshole just like you kissed my mouth.” You spread your legs slightly to allow him the opportunity to explore your pink hole. You let him kiss you long and deeply.

“Show me you love me, Pet!” You let him linger for a long time. Any lapse in attention or effort is occasion for direction and encouragement from you. Stern, certain, and confident you enjoy his tongue and lips lubrication of your sweet hole. Your eyes are fixed on mine. It’s clear where we’ll take this. He will taste the deep penetration of your body.

“Pet! Return to your seat at the foot of the bed. Don’t look at us, but listen to us.” You command him.

My finger probes into your pussy. It is wet with power and anticipation. You hold your position as I push my cock into your pussy, then retract it and push the tip into your ass. I rub your clit and keep pressure onto your asshole. You aren’t penetrated there frequently, so it resists the head.

“Show me you love me, Pet!” You call out after I pull out of you. “Kiss my hole with your mouth to demonstrate your love.”

He kisses your asshole with zeal and genuine love. You savor the power he is giving to you. I don’t care to wait any longer, and push his face away and mount you. This time, there’s no gentleness in my approach. I grab your hips and pull you onto my hard cock. It takes a substantial effort to force the tip of my dick into you.

He, meanwhile, has returned to his seat at the foot of the bed. He looks away from us, and listens to your squeals of pain and pleasure. Finally I am able tostart to move back and forth in your ass. It is so tight, I’m thankful for the small amount of lubricant that his mouth provided.

At one point, I reach over and grab his head by the hair. I pull him toward me, and he reflexively opened his mouth. I stick my cock in, and he licks and sucks, giving me a bit more lube that I bring to bear into you.

“Pet! Do you love me?” You call out in a breathless voice as I thrust into you. You get one word out between each thrust.

“Do you want to show your love?” He doesn’t answer. He’s waiting to show you.

After I explode into you and collapse onto the bed, he shows his dedication and commitment to you, as he greedily laps every drop of my semen out of your ass.

controlling bull

Date: January 10, 2018