Female sex story(W)


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Best Man Delivers
Having mentioned Lee to Michelle in the past about how dishy he was, she suggested it sounded like he might like more than his tea the next time he came round. A whole new world lies at your feet darling flirting with your man’s best man, make him think he is seducing you, it is so sexy, banner2
Total slut or what! I was enjoying myself; it is nice to know somebody likes you and the more the better I was beginning to find. I had joked with Michelle about how perceptions change and once I had liked how Mike bored the pants off me. Now he sat to my right, his genitals locked into his chastity device, the key of which hung from a pretty silver necklace around my neck in our female led relationship. Lee was sitting opposite to me as I crossed and uncrossed my legs several times; clearly unable to fully concentrate on the football he had come to see. Short skirt, stockings and with no pants to bore off me he was getting some show.

Michelle suggested it was time for me to take full charge; FLRs are so much more fun. Intercourse is there to be enjoyed, where the vagina is analogous to the nozzle used for inflight refuelling of fighter jets. Once the vagina makes contact with the probe it should suck the probe in to itself. Sex is so much more pleasurable than Mike’s thrusting with mostly a feeling of friction and fullness. When the friction began it was usually a bit startlingly harsh, like “oh! Maybe this a little bit unpleasant and I wonder if it is possible to get rug burns from a penis”. But every now and again the sensation built into unbelievable pleasure within a few moments. The rocking and friction would give me a warm sensation throughout the whole of my pelvis and we had two k**s to show for all my suffering. When I didn’t orgasm, then pleasure disappeared and it became all about friction again. Michelle used her strap on to demonstrate to me just how pleasurable sex could be and I was smitten with desire. I had to take charge of the situation she told me and be in command, plenty of lubrication helps and build up the excitement within you.


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Date: January 2, 2018