The Sexual Dice Roll Game(W)


Story Courtesy of eroticstories4women, please check out their Tumblr blog

(FLR = Female Led Relationship)

When we Played, My New Fiance (who had just proposed to me) had gone exactly one week without an Orgasm (chastity). During that week, I Happily Let him Get Me Off with his hands and mouth almost every evening (God, I Love his Remarkably Talented Tongue) Anyways I Expressed My “Thank you” to him by “Edging” him for a good 20-30 minutes in return each time – no orgasms for him though of course. After All, That was the agreement we had arranged when I told him “YES” I would Marry Him. Anyways, By the end of the week, I was Glowing with Peace and Tranquility, and he was a Horny, Hungry, Leaky Mess. Perfect!

For his chance at orgasmic release (when that anticipated day Finally Arrived Poor Baby), I tied my naked, eager, lustful boyfriends wrists to the headboard,and then gave him the choice of my Hands, Mouth, or My Vagina. He chose my Mouth. Honestly, that surprised me – but there’s nothing I love more than having his penis in my mouth, savoring his yummy oozing maleness while feeling how desperate he is to cum with my tongue and mouth. Knowing him and what his body needs… responds to… I figured that my mouth was his least-favorite choice, knowing that he considers “Captivity” Deep inside of my divine enveloping vagina (As he puts it) to be Absolute “Paradise”. But be that as it may, I guess he was in the mood for something different, so Mouth it was!

I told him we were playing a special new game I just learned about, but I didn’t tell him what game it was, and I didn’t tell him the rules. I only told him that he was not Allowed to Cum “Until I Said so.” (I deliberately used the word “Until” to get him Extra Hyped and Hopeful – One of My Favorite Simple Secret Tricks, as Long as you Don’t Overuse It!) After a week of beautiful interminable edging, the simple fact that we were playing a mysterious game involving rope, dice, and a stopwatch was enough to really peak his interest, and quite quickly, his joystick was rock hard and ready for my torment – all by itself. I literally had not touched his virile manhood at all yet, and he was already standing at Full Attention and At My Mercy. (Okay, well, technically I had spent the prior 7 days Touching him, Priming him and Brewing him for this Opportune Moment… which had a Huge impact on the game, as you’ll see).

The Warm-up Round

In An Easy “Petting” Sort of Way I warmed him up even more with my soft caressing hands, Then I rolled a 2 – two minutes of slow, feathery light stroking, followed by one minute of fast stroking. It was pretty much the perfect warmup – the kind of thing we would usually do anyway. But the running clock and the fact that I didn’t tell him how long I would be stroking, toyed with his brain and made him an immediate, grunting, huffing, desperate mess. “Cute”, but I had serious doubts he would make it through the first round. So, I admit, I gripped him even more feather-lightly to “help” him Survive. I watched with satisfaction and delight as pre-cum slowly oozed up and out of his tip, AFTER I finished my torturous tease. Obviously I couldn’t let a drop of something that precious go to waste, so I quickly leaned over & took his mushroom cock head gently into my salivating mouth to taste his salty sweet maleness and clean him up. His Bursting, Vein Filled Erection was Utterly ROCK SOLID and He Never Tasted So Good. His Intense Male Sexual Desire was having quite the effect on me (Not to mention the sweet taste of his pre-cum) so I slowly and sensuously stood up next to the bed and began removing all of my clothes as seductively as I could, while my Boy TOY watched with absolute and utter Lust. Then I blindfolded him…

After a short break, I was supposed to mount his thick, throbbing joystick and imprison him (Balls Deep), up inside of my Drenched, Yearning LOINS. I could hardly wait for the break time to be over; His Straining Erection was Utterly Massive. Eventually the alarm on the stopwatch went off and I rolled a 4 – 200 continuous “strokes” which in this case I interpreted to mean “thrusts.” Although it sounded like fun, I honestly wasn’t ready for that. I only wanted to luxuriate in feeling him “Captive” Deep Inside of me. Even though I was dripping wet, I lubed him up with my favorite vanilla flavored Oil and I climbed up on top of his brawny reclining body, grinding my clitoris blissfully along his dynamic throbbing 8 inch curved length. Another pretty typical warm-up activity for us I have to add. His Healthy Hot Hard Pulsing Shaft was lengthwise like a hot dog in a bun, and I was experiencing blissful ecstasy. I didn’t count my grinding thrusts; however I intended to go at it for about 5 straight minutes. (That’s about 200 thrusts, right?) Well… I spaced out and ended up grinding on him a lot more than 5 minutes. I had one slow blissful orgasm after another in this way, deliberately riding the “Solid” Base of his Erection and drenching his balls with my juices each time I climaxed. Eventually he started whimpering, begging and squirming really hard (adorable!); He was Right on the Very Edge of Erupting, So I stopped and remained completely still, Vehemently Commanding Him – That He Better Not CUM !!!

He Was Such a Good (Obedient) Boy and Somehow Found the Inner Strength To Hold Back His Impending Eruption (The Previous Karezza Training Worked Beautifully). So After Telling Him What a Good Boy He Was and another short break and roll of the Dice, He might get his wish – Cherished Orgasmic “Release” Inside of my Loving, Nurturing Mouth.

I remember this vividly: I Then rolled a 6 – One Slow Edge. But, of course, he didn’t know that, He Was Blindfolded. I laughed out loud when I saw it. I started down sympathetically at my vulnerable, helpless stud-muffin and I knew exactly what he was thinking When I Told Him “My Mouth”. Since I gave him the choice of Hands, Mouth, or my Pussy earlier, and he choose my Mouth, he definitely thought this was Finally Game Over – this was his Long-Awaited Big Orgasmic Release. He had no idea the game was Just Getting Started. It’s like the dice had read my mind – it was the PERFECT way to Sadistically Subjugate and Edge Him! I barely did anything; but I made sure to “meticulously” take my time (like 30 seconds). When I finally pulled my mouth Up and Off his Glorious, Straining Oozing Manhood, the Distraught, Desperate look on his face was Priceless!

The Challenges

For the next challenge, after another short break of course, I rolled a 4 – Hold the “Edge” for a full two minutes. After having teased him for over a week now and edging him for so long already today, this was going to be brainlessly easy with my talented hands. Not to brag, but I’m really good at this part. The sexiest most empowering moment for me though, was when he hit the Absolute Edge of Insanity and I started the stopwatch on my phone. That innocent little BLEEP noise totally wrecked his brain, because he knew a timer was running, but he had no idea how long the sadistically wonderful torture was going to last. What an awesome mindfuck! He moaned and babbled incoherently for the entire two minutes, while I Reminded (Demanded Really) Him Not To Cum – Some of My Best Work.

After another break and roll of the dice, the next round of the game would necessitate his glorious incarceration inside of my now “twitching” Vagina. Here, I was at a loss. How was I supposed to “Edge” him for two straight minutes with my Pussy now so Ravenous? My Studmuffin and I have learned excellent Control – But not that Exceptional. I didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t want to lose the mood. So after extending our short break I Slowly Mounted him, Eased Him Fully Into My Womanhood and Demanded him to Lay Perfectly Still and NOT TO CUM, while I fingered (and then vibed) myself to a glorious climax on his thick, throbbing, fully subjugated erection – something I do to Him a Lot. I know that feeling me Quivering and Cumming on top of him while he’s (Balls Deep) Gets him Hyper-excited, so I was hoping it’d be like another perfect edge for him. He usually Ends Up fucking me Desperately Hard after I Orgasm that way (like, immediately) but he was handcuffed, sort of tied down this time, so I figured it would be okay.

Well… it wasn’t okay. I was so worked up and aroused that I Climaxed Hard, Completely Flooding his Balls, While Losing my mind. He Bucked Helplessly Underneath Me, Like a Trapped Animal Trying To Get Free, But I was in “La La Land” And He Felt So Incredibly Huge. I Couldn’t Help Myself, We Kept Going and I distinctly remember him squeeling “No! No! FUCK!” (So Sweet…) Even in what Should Have Been A Blissful & Perfect Moment, He was Still Psychologically Conflicted by Our Game And My Adamant “Command” NOT To Ejaculate. I Love Doing that to Him!!!

I Honestly Don’t Remember How, But Somehow I Instinctively Collected Myself Together Enough to Instinctively Dismount His Joystick and Perfectly “RUIN” His Cherished Orgasm (Barely!). I was painfully close to another orgasm myself and I didn’t want to lose it, so I frantically scrambled up and straddled his agonized face while his virile abandoned manhood bounced and leaked atop of his belly. My vibe had rolled off the bed, but I was way too close to climax to go get it, so I forcefully grabbed his head and hair and used his more than eager mouth. A bit too roughly and selfishly I guess… Sorry About that, Baby!!!

He Instinctively Swallowed Every Drop I Gushed into his Mouth Like a Pro and Then Sucked Me Dry. Finally I Couldn’t Take any More and Jumped Up Off of Him And Collapsed Onto The Bed Beside Him. We Both Needed a break after that. But after a few Minutes of Me Laying on His Shoulder and Cuddling Him, I left him tied to the headboard, so he knew we were NOT Done Yet. By the time I went to the kitchen, got a drink and returned, I Found His “Beautifully” Body Still Ready to Go At it. Even if his Mind and Lips Protested and said No, The “REAL” Truth Was Irrefutably Obvious; His Virile Joystick Was Virile, Robust and l Undeniably Harder Than Ever. Did I mention How Ruined Male Orgasms are Awesome?

After I slowly and carefully licked his belly of scrumptious pudding and Gently Sucked His Traumatized, Still oozing Manhood Squeaky Clean, I Very Leisurely Continued Nursing On His Succulent Robust Sex with a Perfect Combination of My Hands and My Mouth. It’s Paradoxical But Utterly Amazing How Guys Are Hornier and Harder Than Ever After A Ruined Orgasm. Soon My Delectable Studmuffins toes curled and his entire body began shivering and shaking uncontrollably, So I gave him another short break.

His Total Vulnerability and My Complete Authority Was So fucking Hot!!!! #SorryNotSorry

Ladies, If you’re Not Routinely and Habitually “Edging” Your Man Without Mercy, Then You are Really Missing Out !!!

The Prize

Are you ready for the best part of the whole story?

For his Prize, I Removed His Blindfold and Rolled the Dice One LastTime. Then I checked the rules, blinked, double-checked them, and bust out laughing. Guess what I rolled… 3

My Fiancé Nervously Looked at the Dice roll of 3 and then back at Me as I settled myself down on my tummy perpendicular to him, and told him this was it, he had finally made it! He had obediently followed MY instructions & endured the challenges like a Champ. His one and only “Mistake” was Mostly my fault, plus I felt a little guilty for what I did to his hair, so I didn’t hold it against him. At the beginning of the game, he picked my mouth, so that was going to be his prize. I told him “If” he could Hold one last Edge, then he could Freely Erupt inside my mouth and That I Would Extract and Swallow Every Single Drop !!!

This was supposed to be the Final Mouth portion of the challenge, but I have much, much better control of my males manhood when using my hands at the same time. So I laid my head down on his belly, eased the swollen purple tip of his scrumptious joystick back into my mouth and Gently and Methodically went to work. With My Hands and Mouth Together, I had him Again Balanced Right Back on The “Edge” of Insanity Within Seconds, while he unbelievably oozed an endless luscious river of pre-cum “Nonstop” into my entranced (Gentle) Nursing Mouth. This Was Too Easy For Me -Then BLEEP – I started the clock. At This Point I was seriously wondering How There Could Possibly Be Any More Cum In His Balls…

He moaned, quivered, babbled, flexed, and begged Permission to Cum. I gave him three Glorious Minutes to Experience every tiny detail of his Highest Peak. Then, At Precisely the Right Moment and with All My Heart, I Purposefully Instructed Him, “OK, Cum Now!” As if he had a choice…

Once I made sure his (inevitable) involuntary cascade of male reflexes was in motion, I immediately backed off, propped myself up on my elbows, smiled, and watched in Exuberant Amazement. When he realized his orgasm was being Ruined Once Again (After So Much Obedience, Build-up & Hard work!) He made the most incredible, sexy, gut wrenching, desperate noises – I’m blushing right now, just remembering it! Whereas I was “busy” – slightly distracted during his first ruined orgasm, I got to watch with elated satisfaction his second more powerful ruined orgasm (up-close), just inches away from my face. His Healthy Joystick Strained “Mid Air” for the Longest Time, while his balls drew up tighter inside of Him. Then His Entire Body Shuddered and Shook Most Uncontrollably. His Flexing Rhythmic Erectile Spasms Began But Amazingly Nothing Was Sperting Out !!!

Seriously, Ladies… Ruin your Males Orgasm Properly and Watch What it Does To His Body! It’s like seeing music, an entire song, rippling through his muscular spasms. Words Just Can’t Do it Justice – You Have to Do it and See for Yourself to Believe it.

Anyways, The number I rolled was 3 – Hold the “Edge” for three minutes and then Ruin his Orgasm. Then startthe whole game (process) over again, fromthe very beginning!!!

Now you understand why I bust out laughing Earlier ???

Round Two

My Fiancé was a total emotional and sexual wreck after his Gut Wrenching, Final ” Dry” Ruined Orgasm. Believe it or not, It is not the toughest I’ve tested him (not by far!), but back then, it was extremely rough on him, nonetheless – especially after a week of prior edging and denial, He Was Such a Good Sport. I showed him the rules of the game, which said we needed to start all over again from the beginning. He Saw My Dice Roll of 3 Clearly (Thank God) I had Removed His Blindfold Before I Rolled. Carefully I gauged his reaction (alarm, arousal, and then resignation). Lovingly I then kissed him and left him tied to the bed while I walked out into the kitchen, considering what to do next.

When I returned to the bedroom about 10 minutes later he was still Amazingly “RockHard” and Hornier Than Ever…. God, I Love Him !!!

I then told him my decision…

I decided that “to start the entire game over again, right now, from the beginning” meant from the very beginning – as in, one week ago, when his Brewing “Build-up” period had started. So…, Wicked Me, that’s what we did. We started ALL Over Again, with Another Full Week of Edging and Denial, before playing another Dice game of Hands, Mouth, or Pussy.

My Fiancé hasn’t had a “Real” Satisfying Orgasm for 13 Days Now. He’s Not Only Significantly Hornier and Hungrier for My Sensuous Femininity than Ever, But He’s Somehow Ironically Become So Much More Generous, Attentive and Obedient to My Every Wish. As A Final Comment I Want To Brag Here a Little, I have Lost Count as to How Many Blissful Orgasms I’ve Been Utterly Blessed With. As A Good Devoted Fiancé I’ve Made Sure not To Neglect My Man As I’ve Caressed, Cuddled and Edged him Almost Every Day (As a Man Should BE), and I’ve Elatedly Ruined 3 of His Desperately Needed Orgasms This Last Week. He has 1 more day to go before another Hard Session and about a 50% Chance I’ll Allow Him to Cum Fully and Pleasurably. If he isn’t Lucky enough on Sunday, I plan to Make Him Wait Another Week, Over and Over Again, Until He Finally “Wins” The Dice Game.” Suffice it to say… I Really Like This Empowering Femdom Game!

The Valuable Information I Have Learned and Want to Pass ON is Summed Up in the Article I Found on the Internet Below .. PART 2 If You Will …

So Ladies, Depending on your Age, Lifestyle, Conservative Upbringing, Inherent Domination Desires OR the Frequency of your Sexual Sessions Before you Begin Your Male “Edging” Program, You will Need to Decide on a Starting Point and Work From There. Wherever you start, You will Want to Gradually “Increase” the Length of Time Between His Explosive Orgasms Until you Reach the Point of Maximum Effectiveness. This will be the Point at Which His Caring, Loving and Romance Start to Turn Towards Irritation and Negative Behavior. Be Prepared to Listen to Your Studmuffins Feedback, Both Verbal and Non-Verbal, to Guide you to the Best Ejaculation Release Intervals. When you Begin to See This Unwanted Type of Irritation and Negative Behavior Developing, You Should Back Off the Length of your Orgasm Denial Slightly and Use this as Your Guidepost Going Forward. Above All Else Remember To Use Your Feminine Sensuality and Sexuality in Absolutely Everything That You Do…

And Always Remember, His Entire Function and “Design” as a Male is Ultimately For Your Total Exploitation, Entertainment and Gratification, Not Just Your Sustenance and Sanctuary …

After Your Thoroughly Satisfied Sexually (And He’s Been Properly Teased & Denied Orgasm Multiple Times), Insert Him Back Into the Enveloping “Paradise” of your Glorious, Warm, Slippery Wet, Heavenly Vagina & Hold Him THERE – Captive, Helpless & Imprisoned “Balls Deep” (Without Any Movement or Stimulation ALLOWED) …Tell him Your Sore, But Feel So Empty Without Him “Filling You”. In this Way, You Will Be POWERFULLY and Subliminally Reinforcing your Domination & Total Feminine Power Over His Subordinated “Owned” Manhood. While You Relax and Lay on Top Of Him – Tell Him The Following – As His Sturdy Conquered Joystick Undeniably Pulsates Inside of You…

“My Dear, I know that You Have Searched Your Entire Life to Find Your Rightful Place, Which Is – To Be In Complete & Total Submission to a Strong Dominant Woman Like Me. Well, Your Search is Over My Love. I am Here and I am Here to Stay. I Want You to Surrender ALL To ME. Your Mind, Your Body, Your Libido, Your Finances, Your Male Ego, Your Will Power, And Yes Even Your Precious Orgasms. I Expect You To Be My Total Slave. You Will Have to Endure Much For Me and I Will Always Be Expanding Your Sexual Limits. Realize and Accept That You Must Just LET GO and Fully Submit to My Feminine Power Over You. If He is Still “Rock Hard” Deep Up Inside of You, as He Should Be (If You’ve Properly Teased& Denied Him Long Enough), Now is the Perfect Time For You To Do a “Prolonged” Kegel Squeeze on His Subjugated Helpless Erection.

Tell Him You Want Him To Realize and Accept that Women are Far SUPERIOR to Men, And That It’s OK. It’s His Rightful Place To Be in Total Submission to You and Your Undeniably Divine Vagina. Tell Him “Don’t Fight it, Just Give in and Surrender To My ALL Consuming Femininity. You have Looked and Searched your Entire Life, But Now I am Here (My Stud-muffin) and Your Search is Over. Just Surrender To ME and Do All that I Command of You. Do You Understand My Love?”

After He Agrees, Which He Obviously Will (You’ve Just Psychologically Programmed Him To), Explain to Him That You are Taking TOTAL Control Of His Penis, His Mind and His Erections and That His Orgasms Will Be Few and Very Rare, But That in Exchange, He Will Experience Unimaginable and Unending Bliss. Tell Him that you Absolutely Love and Cherish His Rock Hard Cock and that You Want it “Hard” For You ALL The Time. Remember, that it is Not His Narcissism, or Even his Exhibitionism, That You are Indulging Here, But Secretly His Ever Imminent Submission and Surrender to Your Total Sexual Control Over Him.

Remember Ladies – A Guys Penis Always Grows & STAYS HARD, In the Hope of “Pleasing His Woman”, But Deflates or Gets “Dysfunctional” With the Fear of Failure… If Trained “Properly”, ALL Worthwhile Males Want to PLEASE Their Women!!!

Depriving a Man of the Freedom and Use of his Raging Hard (Desperate/Throbbing) Erection, While he is Utterly Helpless & Completely “CAPTIVE” (Imprisoned) Deep up Inside of Your Silky Wet “Celestial” Vagina, is THE Most Wonderful Form of Obtaining Complete Sexual Dominance & Control over Him & His Vulnerable Psyche – Especially If You Orgasm WHILE You’re Carefully Preventing Him From Doing So!!!

One Final Note: The other day I stumbled across the Captivating  tumblr website Femdom Done Right and I Believe – what is Discussed on That Blog Is So True… Check it Out…


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Date: January 3, 2018